Saida, daughter of Syrians, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is an Analyst in Advertising Communication, a title awarded by the University of Palermo. From 1983 to 1991, she pursued studies in classical dance with great masters of this discipline such as Olga Ferri, Enrique Lomi, Rina Valver, and Ricardo Rivas.

Starting in 1991, she delved into Arabic dance, its folk and artistic expressions, under the guidance of Master Amir Thaleb (director of the Arabian Dance Company), participating in numerous performances. For over ten years, she was the principal dancer of this prestigious company and partnered with Master Amir Thaleb, participating in numerous national and international presentations.

In 1994, she founded her own belly dance school, which now boasts more than 700 students receiving comprehensive training in both professional and teaching aspects. Year after year, Saida showcases the annual work of her students and company at the prestigious Teatro Ópera in Buenos Aires, inviting renowned national and international artists from the entertainment industry, resulting in sold-out performances each time.

In 2002, Saida established the ballet of Arabic dances called Rakkasah, composed of students from her school who have been carefully trained and selected. Since its inception, the Rakkasah Ballet has featured highly talented dancers who are now recognized worldwide. The aim, in addition to accompanying Saida in her performances, has always been to highlight the artistic level of each member. This prestigious group has thus become a breeding ground for belly dance figures in Argentina.

In 2004, Miles Copeland (producer of Sting, The Police, R.E.M., among others) invited Saida to join the renowned Bellydance Superstars group, with whom she embarked on a significant tour across the United States during October and November of that year. This company was once the most important in its genre internationally, with tours spanning the globe. Alongside the leading ladies, Saida graced the cover of the CD "Superstars Vol. III," recommending "New Baladi" by Maestro Mario Kirlis as part of the tracklist.

In 2005 and 2007, Saida and Mario Kirlis collaborated on a unique project in the country, combining their knowledge of music and dance to create two instructional DVDs that achieved global sales success. Even today, this material continues to lead the world of belly dance sales. In October 2005, Saida was once again summoned by Miles Copeland to participate in the recording of the Bellydance Superstars Vol. II DVD, as well as a groundbreaking instructional DVD alongside renowned dancers Jillina, Amar Gamal, Bozenka, Sonia, and Rachel Brice, in Monaco.

In 2008, the International Dance Council (CID) through UNESCO awarded Saida the Diploma of Honor for the best Arabic dance performer in Argentina.

Since the beginning of her international teaching career in 2000, Saida has shared her art and knowledge in various countries worldwide (Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, the United States, Panama, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, England, Morocco, Syria, Egypt, Greece, Belarus, Russia, Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Portugal, Malaysia, Monaco). She has conducted workshops on her style and delivered performances, earning recognition as the leading female exponent of the admired and followed Argentine style of belly dance on every continent.

Since 2015, Saida has been a part of the Cairo Khan Festival staff in Egypt, alongside the most renowned professionals in the music and dance of the Arab world. Saida has been honored with the title of Inspirational Woman of Argentina, conferred by CID UNESCO.