"Gawaza Toxic" is a comedy-drama highlighting the tumultuous marriage of a couple caught in a cycle of misunderstandings and conflict.
Featuring actress Johara (Ekaterina Andreeva), the film blends humor and emotion to explore the challenges of modern relationships and the journey towards reconciliation.
Released on July 3, 2024, it offers a compelling portrayal of love and personal growth.

"Gawaza Toxic" is an Egyptian comedy-drama film that delves into the complexities and comedic mishaps of a turbulent marriage.
The story centers around a couple whose relationship is marred by constant conflicts and misunderstandings, leading to a toxic environment.

Through a series of humorous yet poignant events, they navigate the challenges of married life, shedding light on themes of love, communication, and personal growth.

The film captures the essence of contemporary relationships in Egypt, blending humor with heartfelt moments to create a relatable and entertaining narrative.

As the couple grapples with their issues, they ultimately discover the importance of compromise and mutual respect, offering a hopeful message about the possibility of reconciliation and the enduring nature of love.

Cast: Johara, Bayoumi Fouad, Layla Eloui, Mohamed Anwar, Haidy Karam, Tamer Hagras and Malak Koura
Directed by Mahmoud Karim - Release: 3 July 2024