Artistically known as Elissar, Mary Abu Murad born in Beirut commenced her dancing career at the age of 15 were she found her real talent and outburst revived and nurtured by key figures within the dancing industry .Upon the teaching of the industry giants, Elissar pitched her own voice and musical album in 2009 which spiked her fame and made her name renowned all across the Arab world.

Her talents surpassed what she expected initially and in Bahrain a big award was handed over to Elissar were she was named as the Queen of Belly Dance. In 2013 she united efforts with Majed Al Mohandes, famous Iraqi singer, producing the video clip of his famous song ‘Saharni Hawaha’.In 2015 the young star extended her activities onto acting and Film were she took part in a couple of movies in Egypt of which include : ‘Iyal Harrifa’ ‘Shadd Ajzaa’ produced by Ahmed Al Subki. Elissar is the first Middle Eastern artist who made her way in Bollywood and will be seen in the much await