Formerly singer, dancer and actress from Mexico. Diana has studied with most after sought orieantal dance master teachers. She performs professionally in parties and concerts. Diana has been teaching for 11 years in San Francisco Bay Area and Asia. Director at Alla Kushnir Belly Dance School in USA and co-producer of the international competition Queen of the Rhythm.

Diana Jeannette began her career at 17 as a singer in a popular music band. She toured Mexico and soon gained notoriety from her singing ability. She was later persuaded to enter a national dance competition that led her to participate in numerous theatrical productions, and films. Diana lives now performs and produces dance events all around Bay Area/California. Her interest lies in developing talent and collaboratively working with established artists to keep dance art exposed to fans of all ages so it may be enjoyed for generations to come!

Fascination with beauty and music are at core of Diana's Bellydance Classes. Live music workshops and shows are frequently hosted by Diana in the U.S , China and Mexico. She is a show organizer , co-founder and producer of the competition Queen Of the Rhythm with the great Alla Kushnir.