Nagwa Fouad was an Egyptian belly dancer, actress, and film producer who was born on May 5, 1938, in Cairo, Egypt. She was widely considered to be one of the greatest belly dancers of the 20th century and was known for her stunning performances that showcased her exceptional talent and skill.

Fouad began dancing at a young age and quickly gained fame for her natural talent and captivating performances. She was known for her fluid and graceful movements, as well as her ability to improvise and connect with her audience on a deep level.

Throughout her career, Fouad performed at some of the most prestigious venues in Egypt and around the world, including the Moulin Rouge in Paris, the Casino de Paris, and the London Palladium. She also appeared in several Egyptian films and television shows, where she often played the role of a dancer or seductress.

In addition to her successful performing career, Fouad also ventured into film production, producing several popular Egyptian films throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

Despite her success and fame, Fouad was known for her down-to-earth personality and her dedication to her craft. She remained a beloved figure in the world of belly dance until her retirement in the early 2000s.

Today, Nagwa Fouad is remembered as one of the greatest belly dancers of all time, and her influence can still be felt in the world of dance and performance. Her legacy serves as an inspiration to countless dancers and performers around the world.