Lucy is a renowned Egyptian belly dancer, born in Cairo in 1979. She started dancing at a very young age and quickly showed her talent for the art form. Her family supported her passion for dance and encouraged her to pursue it as a career.

As a teenager, Lucy began performing in local events and festivals. She gained recognition for her energetic and graceful performances, which blended traditional Egyptian dance with modern influences. Her performances were characterized by fluid movements, sharp isolations, and dynamic shimmies.

Lucy's talent caught the attention of some of the most respected choreographers and dancers in the industry, who helped her refine her technique and expand her repertoire. She began performing in prestigious venues across Egypt and the Middle East, including the Cairo Opera House, the Lebanese Casino du Liban, and the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi.

In 2004, Lucy was invited to perform at the International Belly Dance Festival in Japan, where she won first prize in the solo category. This marked a turning point in her career, as she gained international recognition and started touring extensively around the world. She has performed in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, mesmerizing audiences with her artistry and charm.

Throughout her career, Lucy has also taught workshops and master classes, sharing her knowledge and passion for dance with aspiring dancers worldwide. She has become a role model for many, inspiring them to embrace their cultural heritage and express themselves through dance.

Lucy continues to perform, teach, and create new choreographies. Her style has evolved over the years, but she remains true to her roots and always strives to showcase the beauty and richness of Egyptian dance. She is an icon in the belly dance world, admired for her talent, dedication, and professionalism.