Belly dance is a broad term that encompasses various styles of dance that originated in the Middle East and North Africa. Here are some of the most common types of belly dance:

Egyptian Raqs Sharqi:

This is the most popular style of belly dance, originating in Egypt. It's characterized by fluid, flowing movements, and emphasizes the isolation of different parts of the body.

Turkish Oryantal:

This style is popular in Turkey and features faster, more energetic movements. It also includes more use of props like finger cymbals, veils, and swords.

Lebanese Oriental:

This style is characterized by the use of shimmies, undulations, and fast footwork. It also incorporates elements of folk dance and includes more use of arms and upper body movements.

American Tribal Style (ATS):

This style is a fusion of various belly dance styles, including Indian, North African, and Middle Eastern. It's characterized by group improvisation, synchronized movements, and the use of props like zils, fans, and swords.

Tribal Fusion:

This is a modern style of belly dance that combines traditional belly dance movements with elements of hip-hop, flamenco, and other dance styles. It's characterized by a more dramatic and theatrical approach, with costumes and makeup that are often more elaborate than traditional belly dance.

Persian Dance:

This style of belly dance comes from Iran and is characterized by fluid arm and hand movements, delicate footwork, and graceful body lines. It's often performed to traditional Persian music.


This is a folkloric style of belly dance that originated in Upper Egypt. It's characterized by a playful and energetic style that incorporates cane dancing and other props.


This style of belly dance comes from the Gulf region and is characterized by quick, sharp movements and the use of flowing hair as a prop.

Iraqi Kawliya:

This is a lively and energetic style of belly dance that originated in Iraq. It's characterized by fast, percussive movements and incorporates elements of traditional Iraqi dance.

Gypsy/ Romani Belly Dance:

This is a fusion of traditional belly dance with the dance styles of the Romani people. It's characterized by a more flamboyant and expressive style, with the use of finger cymbals and colorful costumes.